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LED lighting causes headaches in Dutch workers

November 6, 2009 by 

The 350 as environmentally friendly promoted LED lights installed in the Dutch town hall of Hoogeveen appear to cause headaches in the employees.

Town Hall of Hoogeveen

The lamps also produce vibrations on computer screens. “If your hand moves along a lamp, a stroboscope effect occurs in the office. Sometimes it seems like a disco in here” said town spokesman Hans Vonk.

Just this week the Dutch Environment Minister Cramer started a public campaign to persuade citizens to use energy saving lamps or LEDs. However, installation expert Nico Koreman warned for the risk of strain on the existing electricity network. The cause lies in certain electronics for the new lighting, which can manipulate power frequencies. “With very unpleasant effects such as by burning and melting equipment and flickering lights”, warns Koreman. “The frequencies are so high that you can’t detect them using standard measuring equipment.”

One solution is to avoid cheap electronics from the Far East, says Koreman. “And do not buy the cheapest light bulbs, but stuff from regular brands.” The town of Hoogeveen will replace all the lights with a newer generation of LED lamps, which have already been tried in three rooms. “These new lights do not seem to cause health problems,” said Vonk.

Original article in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf:
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