Find out why LED lighting should be banned


Welcome to Ban LED Lighting!

Solid State Lighting in the form of Light Emitting Diods (LEDs) has been touted as the future of lighting.

LEDs are by nature small, coloured, and not very bright. They were developed as indicator and decorative lights due to their small size and that’s where they work best.  For general illumination, they are unsuitable for a number of reasons:

• The light is far from the same quality of incandescent light. The colours of the surrounding environment or people will look more dull and grey since LEDs don’t reproduce the full spectrum like sunlight, incandescent light and halogen light does.

• The higher proportion of blue wavelenghts can actually be harmful to human health and eyesight – especially in children whose eyes have not yet developed a protection against blue light.

• LED light is directional, almost like a laser beam, and doesn’t spread evenly like incandescent light does.

Putting tiny diodes on a stick and then in a frosted outer bulb to try and emulate a real lightbulb, still does not produce that same warm omnidirectional glow as incandescents have. Instead the LED light will look dull and tends to hover around the bulb rather than spreading out in the room.

When using them as directional lights, e.g. as downlights, spotlights, or floodlights, the light is clearer and brighter, but then it tends to produce harmful glare instead.

• LED light can flicker, produce ‘dirty electricity’ and radio frequences. This may cause headaches, fatigue and other symptoms in sensitive individuals.

• LED lamps have also been found to be more harmful to the environment due to containing toxic metals, rare earth phosphors and electronics.

• Only some LEDs are dimmable, and those that are don’t dim very well.

• Due to the complex electronics required to make LED work for illumination, they can be outright dangerous if wired incorrectly. The technology is still under development, overflowing with eager entrepreneurs who all want a piece of this multi-billion-dollar industry, and even leading brands sometimes miss details that compromise electrical safety.


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