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Argumente für die GLÜHBIRNE – LED page (English google-translation)

Can incandescent bulbs be replaced by LEDs?

Freedom Light Bulb – numerous LED articles

Greenwashing Lights – LED issues

The Lamp Guide – LED page

Articles about LED Lighting:

(Source: Greenwashing Lamps)

Aug 2013 – Philips Recalls 99,000 LED Light Bulbs Due to Shock Risk

May 2013 – Mail Online: Do ‘environmentally friendly’ LED lights cause BLINDNESS?

Mar 2013 – Lighting Science issues recall of 554,000 LED bulbs because of fire hazard

Mar 2013 – Problems with LED lighting and the Limitations of LED Lighting

Jan 2013 – New research shows CFLs and LED light bulbs have higher toxicity and resource depletion than incandescent bulbs

Nov 2012 – Daily Herald: The new LED bulbs aren’t worth $50

Aug 2012 – New Light: DOE Caliper report indicates AR111 LED lamps not ready for prime time

May 2012 – Save The BulbL-Prize Fail!

Mar 2012 – Government-subsidized green light bulb carries costly price tag

Mar 2013 – EE Future of SSL LED lighting is not dim, but it’s flickering

Oct 2011 – LEDs LED-based products must meet photobiological safety standards: Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3

Sep 2011 – LED Inside: Are LEDs really a suitable replacement for 40W incandescent bulbs?

Sep 2011 – Consumer Reports:  Shortage of rare earth metals results in higher CFL prices

Sep 2011 – Green Prophet: LED Lights Mess More With Our Biological Clocks?

Sep 2011 – Science The Dangers Of White LED Bulbs

Aug 2011 – 69News: Newer Traffic Lights Not Warm Enough To Melt Snow

Aug 2011 – Real Media News: “LED lighting enlightening the world”

Jun 2011 – Consumer Reports: How many years does it take to test a lightbulb?

Apr 2011 – The Orion (Ca): LEDs trade comfort for brightness

Mar 2011 – Lights of America Class Action Lawsuit: LED Lamps’ Claims Misleading

Mar 2011 – The Colombian (Can): Energy adviser: LED lighting not yet practical for many uses

Feb 2011 – University of California, Irvine: LED products billed as eco-friendly contain toxic metals, study finds

Nov 2010 – LEDs Light and human health: LED risks highlighted

Sep 2010 – LED light bulb maker misled consumers, FTC says

Mar 2010 – So, what about LED flicker?

Feb 2010 – NY Times (US): “How Long Did You Say That Bulb Would Last?”

Feb 2010 – Press of Atlantic City: LED traffic signals not so hot in a snowstorm

Jan 2010 – Journal of Energy Security: The Battle Over Rare Earth Metals

Oct 2009 – The Telegraph (UK): New low energy light bulb works with dimmer switches – but costs £30

Oct 2009 – LEDs: Throwing Some Light on the Hype

Aug 2009 – IEEE Spectrum – The LED’s Dark Secret

May 2009 – LED lighting: panel debates quality versus cost

April 2009 – Nothing soft and warm about this $120 bulb

October 2008 – Low-tech MagazineViva Las Vegas: LEDs and the energy efficiency paradox

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